Shandong Jinzhu Materials Technology Co., Ltd

Technology Introduction

After years of operation and development, our company has mastered mature technology in the MIM industry and will keep on innovating.

Factory Map

① Sintering Workshop

② Injection Workshop

③ Post Treatment & Testing Workshop

④ CNC Workshop ④ CNC Workshop

⑤ Plastic & Assembly Workshop (Under construction )

⑥ Office building

Company R & D capabilities

The company currently has 200 employees, including 28 engineers, 11 management personnel, 8 inspection and measurement personnel, and 27 professional skilled workers. The company has applied for 10 patents; including 1 invention patent and 9 practical technology patents (involving 1 special feeding material for MIM production, 5 production equipment, 1 testing equipment, and 2 representative product special Tooling). The company has heavily invested in R&D to maintain the level of competitiveness.